Oratory Services

A series of performances I organised as part of the public program of Rib, an art space in Charlois, Rotterdam-South. Happening every Saturday at 4 pm, the OS introduced new unamplified sounds into the neighbourhood, merging with the pre-existing ones such as the continuous bouncing of a ball against the fences of the basketball court or the sound of illegal firecrackers and home renovation. Each week the participating artists played with sonological as well as social phonetics of everyday human and animal utterances –  often finding their source in their own resonating bodies. If anyone was actually listening remains to be heard, nevertheless the OS was open to inevitable feedback of its everyday crowd.

Participating artists: Tisa Neža Herlec, Bergur Anderson, Ash Kilmartin and Emmeli Person

Camera: Lili-Huston Herterich

Sound and editing: Linus Bonduelle