Sticks and bells may make me dwell but chimes will never herd me

The audience is invited to take a wooden stick with bottle caps on their way through the group show. The sticks serve as an aid to hike through the building, as an instrument of personal announcement and sonic play between the visitors. The other sculptures, hung with bells and chimes, are spread out across four floors and encountered as passers-by with which the audience can interact. When having climbed their Almauftrieb to the top floor, the hiker is greeted by the sculpture Ser y Estar.

Different kinds of wood, linseed oil, plum, olive and lychee pits, bottle caps, string, brass, leather, steel, styrofoam, chain, eyelets, nails, copper tubes, drying rack, tripod, concrete

Shown in the grad show of Piet Zwart Institute's MFA, Material Contexts, at Het Archief, Rotterdam

Photos: Nick Thomas ( &
Guillem S. Arquer (